Do your herbal and food supplements have these
unique qualities?

  • 100{89bc0a8a9647a1d8abf010b852c73a22cf9448da2be160f2f4a286585b1b0d22} Synthetic Free Formulas
  • Ethically farmed or wild-crafted and fairly traded
  • Easy to swallow small tablets made with Pur-Tab® method, containing no excipients, preservatives, allergenic or synthetic ingredients
  • Supported by hundreds of studies in third party peer-reviewed journals and by extensive clinical trials
  • Produced in state-of-the-art facilities certified to pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices (GMP) and ISO and Organic Certification
  • Sourced from unpolluted pristine agricultural regions and farms
  • Potency of every ingredient fully disclosed on the label panel
  • Made from fresh raw plants never heated over 100 degrees
  • Easy to digest, containing all of the plant’s active, living bioactives
  • Highest naturally occurring potency at the same or better pricing as non-concentrated powdered powdered herbal and nutrient formulas
  • Full spectrum standardized extracts
  • Identification of herbs done with chromatography and contemporary analysis to ensure purity, consistency, and active potencies of herbal and food species
  • Herbs subjected to Organoleptic testing to confirm specifications
  • Microbiological testing ensures that the herbs do not have harmful bacteria or contaminants